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How to Play Malaysia Magnum 4D

Online Magnum betting

Magnum 4D, sometimes referred to as the original 4D game, is a Malaysian online lottery that offers a variety of lottery games with several ways to play. The 4D game gives the player the option to select a four-digit number and the wager amount. Modest and large projections are used in the game; small wagers have a larger chance of winning than large wagers do. If you're a die-hard lover of Magnum 4D, you don't need to stand in line all day to purchase your 4D numbers today. Simply enter your lucky 4-digit numbers with Mr. Lotto in Malaysia's 4D online betting market to get the same service while saving time and effort

Game prizes

Magnum 4D Malaysia

Main Lurus

Main lurus, bermain guling, main pilih ubah dan main pilih bertuah semuanya termasuk dalam straight play/ permainan klasik 4D.


Permutations are used in the Mbox style of play. When any combination of your 4D numbers matches one of the winning numbers drawn in this game, you receive a prize.