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How to Play Grand Dragon Lottery

Online Gdlotto Betting

Now, in addition to buying 4D tickets for Malaysia and Singapore, you may also play the GD (Grand Dragon) Lotto in Cambodia.
Every day at 7 p.m., the GD Lotto winning numbers are drawn (Cambodian time).

Game Instructions

Grand Dragon

You must select your lucky numbers for the Grand Dragon Lottery from 13 winning positions starting with A through M. In this game, there are three different wagering options:

4D Big

The big package betting choice is called 4D Big. It matches the 4D number that appeared in each of the 23 winning outcomes. Each category has a different price rate.

4D Small

This is the small package wagering option when the first, second, and third reward numbers are matched with the winning 4D number. Compared to the large package, this choice has a higher winning prize rate.

4D A

Also known as the 4D Single A package, this combination matches all four digits to win only the top reward.

3D ABC Package

The last three digits of the winning number are compared to the first, second, and third 4D reward numbers in the third betting option.

3D A

Last but not least is 3D A, which compares the initial 4D reward number to the final three digits of the winning number.